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Christmas Movies

Favorite Christmas movies? I'm visiting the family and I want to introduce my niece and nephew to some good holiday movies.

Birthday Surprise

Thank you, drunk girl, for puking on me and then reciting a haiku about your Facebook status on my way home from my shift. It was a lovely birthday gift.

On the plus side, the nurses brought cheesecake from a shop in Little Italy that I like. I don't feel any older, or wiser at 32 but hey, free cheesecake.

Still Alive

It's been a busy time at the hospital. Apparently people think Labor Day is the last chance for them to go do something silly in the name of summer.

One of my patients, who has a mutation that makes them like a snake, thought it'd be fun to get drunk and try to squeeze into a tiny storm drain on a dare. They overestimated their flexibility and, needless to say, I had to make a house call.

Who knew that alcohol DIDN'T make you invincible?

Anyway, I'm still alive. No need to send a search party.

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Fat Tony's in Salem Center is having a special on pizzas. Who's up for an impromptu outdoor movie/pizza party tonight? Winner with the most outlandish pizza order wins a tub of ice cream.

We can set up the movie screen outside and watch bad 1950s scifi movies and MST3K the hell out of them.


Clarice and I fought a bird man and a giant multi-story tall robot this weekend. Just your typical Saturday. Vaguely fun except for the whole...singed hair incident.

Pi Day

One of my nurses informed me that today is Pi Day. Therefore I have picked up a variety of pies from the local bakery. They are in the kitchen if anyone wants some. Sorry, I just got off my shift, so better late than never?


Someone sent me a bear andflowers. The bear was...colorful. Thanks? But no note.


Pancake Bonanza

Attention Mansion Residents:

There is a selection of pancakes in regular, chocolate chip, peppermint, and strawberry flavors in the kitchen fridge (with whipped cream for topping) if anyone wants them. Rachel and I had a late night cooking storm and have already eaten our fill.

Enjoy! :)

Instagram Cross Post

"When are you going to take the-" #Halloween #ElizabethBathory

Instagram Cross Post

The nurses brought cupcakes. I may have had three. #breakfastofchampions #sugarcrash #thirtyoneanddone